The Undoing Borders Zine

Read our Queer No Borders Points of Unity document here!

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 THIS IS A WORKING DOCUMENT (A DRAFT).  That means we want your thoughts and opinions, suggestions for revisions, additions, new ideas.  We have some questions about the document/ places where we think more attention is needed laid out below, but  if you have other things to say or places to point to, please let us know!


Freedom of Movement

In this section, we’d like to more clearly lay out what are the concrete ways we can “actively support people or groups to move or stay where they choose?”  What could this tangibly look like?

How can we strengthen our analysis of detention in this section?  How can we draw clearer lines between all the ways people are locked up in this country, the unique impacts on queers, and the many forms detention takes?

How can we better relate the question of movement to ideas about home and the many ways queer people and undocumented migrants show cultures and histories of resistance in how we build home?

Resisting Militarization & Criminalization

Help us point to more of the tensions that arise when Immigrant or LGBT movement groups rely on strategies to address their immediate needs at the cost of ceding more power to the forces that oppress us in the first place.  How do we have a politic that stands against criminalization more broadly but also deals with the violence we face in our day-to-day lives?

Working Against Borders

How can we better lay out the tangible and specific ways that dismantling borders can help our relationship to work be less oppressive?  What are some examples of this?

How can we move away from a focus, in this section, on legislation we oppose?  What other ways, besides standing against messed up laws, can we build towards queer worker justice?  What would that look like?

Policing OurSelves

How can we ground this section in less theoretical terms?  What would this politic look like as specific practices?

Glossary & Resources

What would you add to either of these sections?

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  8. Perhaps we could materialize the vision of connection and no borders with unanimity and right human relating, individually, communally, nationally and internationally by the united action of men and women of Goodwill in every country.
    Ponder the endless possibility of focused unanimous connecting regardless of diversity….of all humanity!

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