How You Can Support

The 2011 tour is over, but we’re still organizing together, sharing the zine locally, and planning for future tours.  Here’s how you can support our collective and this project in the meantime:

1.  Make A Donation

Any money we receive will go towards printing more copies of the zine and paying for gas when we begin our West Coast tour!  Click on the DONATE button below to give us a tax-deductible donation through Paypal, and please tell all your friends to donate too!


2.  Print Copies of the Undoing Borders Zine

Have access to a photocopier?  A press?  We can always use more copies of the Undoing Borders Zine.  Download a printable version here, and send them our way!

3.  Invite us to come to your town

Host us in your house, community center, school, occupation, anywhere!  Contact us at HAVOQers[at]gmail[dot]com.

4.  Invite us to speak at your college, organization, or community space

If you have access to funding for bringing speakers to your campus or organization, please help us underwrite this project by securing an honorarium for our visit.

5.  Dance With Us

One of our tour members (Essex) is a DJ!  If you are able to provide a space for dancing and speakers we can provide some amazing music and raise more funds for the tour!  Check him out here: http://soundcloud.com/bootyklapz

6.  Tell People About Us!

Spread the word, print and distribute the zine, and send us feedback.

  1. […] Undoing Borders, an upcoming speaking tour that addresses the question: “What does queerness have to do with borders?”  Donate and/or invite them to your town! […]

  2. Hey! i think you guys know my sister Hannah PC, i live in montreal and go to mcgill and i’m very stoked to see you speak! if i can offer you guys assistance in any way during your time in montreal let me know!

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